ProFemme sexual performance

 Product benefits

  •  Enhance Sexual Desire
  • Sexual Arousal and Receptivity
  • Healthy sexual Experience
  • Orgasm

 Who should use ProFemme?

Some of the criteria for people who will from ProFemme:

  • Sufferers of sexual arousal disorder
  • Low libido
  • Smokers
  • Females looking for hightened sexual arousal

For best results

Use 20 minutes prior to engagement for best desired effect.

Directions for use

 Take 2 capsules, 30 minutes before sexual activity or when desired effect is required. For optimal results use Climux Vitalefemme and Climux ProSense Gel.

Clinically proven ingredients that benefit you

LibifemTM has been clinically shown to promote a woman’s healthy sexual vitality and desire, as well as help alleviate normal symptoms of menopause.* Loss of sexual desire affects one in every four women and can affect adult women of all ages. But despite its prevalence, there are few supplement options. Libifem offers a unique herbal solution to support the female hormone estradiol that helps boost sexual desire.*

  • ViNitrox™ is an extract rich in active polyphenols from grape and apple which has been proven to stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) by the vascular endothelium, resulting in vasodilation.
  • ViNitrox™ is also a very powerful anti-oxidant, protecting against the oxidative stress generated by sustained and repeated physical activity

Consult a physician prior to use especially if you have a medical condition. Males are advised against the use of this product. Do not exceed the recommended dosage